Nitpick Productions

Audio Production, Booking Management & More


Nitpick Productions is a recording studio and booking agency that also offers artist management and all the features of being part of a professional label, without being tied down to one. No big contracts, no enormous fees, just your music and doing what it takes to get it heard.

I specialize in finding the untapped potential in artists and giving them the push or “star treatment” they need to begin putting out marketable content. Whether you have a full song written and just need it recorded, have lyrics to a song and need accompaniment for it, or simply need some artwork designed for a project, I’ll take care of you and your project every step of the way.

I guarantee you’ll walk away your first day feeling much more confident about the legitimacy of your music. Everyone has the potential to make great art, they just need the right tools to make it a reality. And that’s where I come in!

And after your music is recorded and released, we even offer booking services to make sure that all the hard work you put in to your art gets recognized by the right people. Our Nitpick shows are eclectic, fun, professional, and always lead to bigger opportunities for the artists involved.

With affordable rates, rapid turnaround times, guaranteed show bookings, and friendly artist-workers you can trust, Nitpick will quickly become your new go-to spot for anything you want released. The majority of my clients are repeat customers, returning with new and exciting projects. I hope that we can be that magical turning point in yours–let’s get in touch and see what we can do for you.